Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a home cinema?

You can expect to be blown away and have an experience that is even better than going to the cinema, from the comfort of your own home. 

We can supply everything from projectors and screens, to sound treatments and comfy seating, making sure that you have the best seat in the house! 

I don’t have a spare room , but I’d love to experience cinema quality movies. How can you help?

We can give you a cinema experience that fits with your home life by installing a solution that can be hidden away when not in use, or be incorporating great sound and vision into your current living area.

Our bespoke solutions are planned specifically for your space and needs. 

I’m worried that my neighbours might complaint about extra noise. Is there anything you can do?

Because we create bespoke solutions, we can help with sound treatments that can be used to reduce the impact of noise on your neighbours.

Speak to us about any concerns you may have when you arrange your consultation.

Can you help make my internet speed quicker?

Most households already have high-speed internet services that don’t always feel high-speed!

We can help with upgraded routers, access points, and Wi-Fi boosters from brands such as Ubiquiti and Drayket, enabling you to access the internet quickly and securely.

My Wi-Fi doesn’t work when I’m sitting in the garden. How can you help?

Providing professionally installed Wi-Fi boosters and access points means that you can access your internet whenever and wherever you need, without compromising your security

Can I use my voice to control my lighting?

Yes! There are many different lighting solutions that can be controlled by your voice.

This option is really useful for people with mobility impairments and disabilities.

What are lighting “scenes”?

We create lighting “scenes” when we dim and raise different lights for different moods or activities. So, if you want to watch a move, you might dim the lights to get the right ambience. 

We can also install multi-coloured LEDs so you can change your lighting colour to suit your mood. 

Can I integrate my lighting control with other devices?

Yes! Your lighting can be integrated with your blinds and shutter controls, so that the blinds can raise and lower, either in conjunction with a lighting ‘scene’, or via the same technology and using the same remove control or touch-screen device. 

I’d like to be able to watch Sky TV in the living room during the day, but watch it in my bedroom at night. Can I do that?

Yes you can! 

We would need to install a cable infrastructure that could allow you to access any streaming or media system in your home. 

How can you install speakers without the need for more shelves?

Using the latest technology, speakers can be recessed into walls and ceilings, meaning you don’t even need to see them. 

Your speakers can be completely invisible, with options of paint colour matching or artwork coverings.