Multi-room audio

Ceiling speakers

Ceiling speakers are a great way to enjoy your music in any room

Our customer was having their entire house renovated and really wanted to save space by incorporating speakers into the ceiling, but they also wanted to be able to listen to their music in the living room and kitchen, while other family members could play different music elsewhere in the house.

The customer also wanted to incorporate an alarm system that they could monitor if they were ever away, with cameras that they could also check on at any time, from anywhere.

We installed ceiling mounted speakers in the living room, kitchen and dining room as well as the bathrooms upstairs so that everyone can listen to their favourite music wherever they are in the house.

We incorporated a CCTV and security alarm system which allows them to live monitor, set and unset the system, all from one app, from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection!

Some of the products used in this project include:

Klipsch ceiling speakers

Denon amplifier

Pyronix alarm

HikVision cameras

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