The snug home cinema / media room

Snug home cinema

Home cinemas and media rooms can fit into any space

Our customer had recently purchased their home and wanted to create a snug space with as close to cinema-quality sound and visuals as possible!

Space was tight, so the solution had to cause as minimal interruption in as possible, but with maximum effect! Furthermore, the customer worked from home, so needed a secure and reliable internet source across his entire home so that, wherever he was, he could stay connected.

We identified a storage space within which to house all of the equipment, such as amplifiers and the Sky TV box so that everything was hidden out of sight. We also used the customer’s existing cabinet to house all of the necessary kit to support the improvements we made to the network and video distribution across the house (so that he could also stream HD video to any TV in the house).

Our team installed a Samsung Frame TV and flush to ceiling speakers, as well as kicking subwoofer behind a sofa, which all worked out perfectly and the customer was over the moon with their new home media room!

Products used in this project include

Samsung Frame TV

Monitor Audio speakers

hdanywhere HD video distribution matrix

Marantz amplifier

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