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Luxurious Entertainment Room In Lockdown - DPP Smart Home and Electrical
make your home a smart home

Locked down? No need to let it get you down enjoy an entertainment room


Current restrictions

It can be frustrating not being able to leave your home and enjoy normal social activities like visiting friends and family or going to the pub or restaurant. The current and necessary Government restrictions may be with us for a while yet and at DPP Smart Homes, we recognise these challenges and can offer you a solution.

Entertainment room garden man cave

Create your own entertainment room

Why not create your own entertainment room or, as some people call it, a MAN CAVE or CINEMA ROOM. With the latest smart devices where you can enjoy all of the pleasures of high-tech media in the comfort of your own home. In a spare room, basement, garage space or in a garden building.


Install the latest systems

DPP Smart Homes can install the latest systems to suit your needs and we adhere to all social distancing regulations. We won’t be near you or your family during the project work. We wear protective gear and ensure all surfaces are disinfected during and after our work.

There are many systems to choose from such as live streaming of video, game consoles, surround sound, controlled lighting, remote controlled security and much more.

Garden man caves and entertainment rooms

Call us today on 0208 089 5905 or email : for an initial discussion about how we can help you relax more under the restrictions.

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