Business Premises Security

Smart security for unoccupied business premises

Business premises security is so important. During the current pandemic restrictions there have been and some still are many unoccupied shops, offices and warehouses that are more vulnerable than usual. There are some basic precautions you should take to ensure your property is safe from accidents, break ins, and theft. Not only is this important to secure your property but it will also demonstrate to your insurer that you are doing everything to mitigate the risk. Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Ensure the property itself is in a good condition before you think about securing the premises.
    If your property is left unoccupied for a long time, keeping the heating on will help prevent issues such as burst pipes and also damage to the
    wallpaper or a building’s structure.
    Also, electrical wiring must be maintained regularly because unchecked, faulty wiring can cause fires. Simple things you can do include unplugging appliances, replacing damaged cords and booking regular checks from a certified electrician.

    Taking preventative steps shows your insurer you are helping to prevent a claim from arising and you present a more insurable risk.
  2. By securely and visibly bolting down any windows, doors and garages, would-be intruders may be deterred.
    By protecting your building, you present a more insurable risk. Boarding up main windows can protect against unlawful entry. 
    Either use emergency timber which is relatively cheap and quick, or you can replace your windows with steel security screens.

    These take more time to install and are more expensive, but are a more secure option if your premises are empty for an extended period of time.
  3. In the event of a break in, catching it on camera will be helpful supporting evidence for making a claim. Cameras can also act as a visual deterrent for potential thieves, squatters or vandals.
  4. Having a suitable alarm system should be a priority.
    Ideally, your alarm system should be regularly maintained by your installer and there are systems that you can access remotely to check in and that automatically dial in to the emergency services in case of any issues.

Staying connected means staying ahead

With the advances in technology it is now possible to keep a much tighter control on your security.
By linking cameras and movement sensors remotely you can be online at any point, view your premises and be alerted if there is any suspicious movement or activity.
This will allow you to contact the police or security services quickly to respond to an attempted break in or vandalism.

Being connected 24/7 means you have the reassurance that your commercial premises are being monitored at all times and there are systems that allow for alarm fobs to be coded and issued, meaning that you don’t have to share your security code.

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