We here at DPP feel that people seriously underestimate the power of a wired network! Yes, having wireless is great, particularly when you need to retro-fit a product or expand your technology without wires trailing throughout your home. However, planning is key, particularly if you are renovating your home, and you need to ensure that you can have seamless wired and wireless internet wherever you are.

If you are planning to undergo some home improvements, we recommend that you also get your cable routes planned out and think about the activities that you’ll be doing in each room to ensure that you’re not left with slow download speeds, lagging movies or music streaming and issues generally with wireless connectivity. Particularly as working from home becomes more popular and with your family also using the Wi-Fi.

Did you know that by making a few simple updates to your home network, we could get your download speeds running much quicker and smoother, meaning no more glitches in your favourite films or music albums.

If the kids are in their rooms gaming, and gran is watching gardening videos on her tablet while you’re tying to work, or perhaps you’ve just noticed that, with more use, your internet speeds aren’t up to it, we can help!

Get in touch today to find out how we can make sure you never have to wait until the kids have finished their homework for you to start watching your film without being interrupted by the ‘circle of death’!

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