Ring doorbell

James Siminoff was tired of always missing important deliveries and having to collect parcels from neighbours, so he invented a way that he would never miss the doorbell – Ring!

You can always be at home when you have a Ring doorbell, as you’ll get notifications whenever there’s someone at your door, with motion sensors and notifications when the doorbell is pressed.

The same goes for the cameras; if the camera senses motion around your home, the security light will shine and you can have a two-way conversation to let them know they’re being watched, or tell them where to go!

Ring also works with your home assistant, like Google Home or Alexa, and can be displayed on your smart TV, so you can interact with the person at your door through other devices within the home.

Ring has expanded its range of home security products, by adding cameras with security lights triggered by motion, a range of doorbell options, as well as a house alarm system.

When you choose us to install any X-Line product, you’ll get full tech support from, not just us, but Ring too. You’ll also get a lifetime Ring Protect Basic subscription, and a four year parts or replacement warranty.

If you’re interested in having a professional install the latest Ring product in your home, get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote.

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