When you think of ‘smart homes’, you think of mansion houses with the latest in home automation technology which must cost a fortune, right? Well, we’re here to tell you that smart home technology doesn’t need to break the bank and there are smart home devices for any household out there! There are lots of tidy little, cost-effective devices, whether you’re just starting your smart home journey or looking to further optimise tech that you already have.

Smart speakers

I’m sure by now that everyone has heard of someone speaking to Alexa, or shouting “Hey Google”. The Amazon Echo, Google Home Assistant and Sonos One collections can be a great addition to your home. Whether it’s staying connected with family and friends, re-ordering that item that you’ve almost run out of, or turning off the lights when you’ve just settled down; smart speakers could either be your journey into smart home technology or add that nice touch to tech that you already have in your home.

Smart plug sockets

It’s often overlooked that some smart home devices can also assist with reducing your energy consumption. Devices such as smart sockets can be activated using your phone, Alexa or Google Home Assistant without having to climb over furniture to hit the switch. Whether it be the kettle, a lamp or even a charger for a device, these plug sockets could be a smart way to help the environment.

Smart home security

If you’re considering a home security system but not sure if a professional system is right for you, there are now many options that you could even install yourself. With the likes of Ring (originally known for their doorbells that let you be “always home”) expanding into CCTV cameras and security lights, many other manufacturers have now followed suit, making monitoring your home from wherever you are, far more accessible. Nowadays, you can set and unset your house alarm and check in on your CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

Smart thermostats

Another great way to help reduce your energy consumption is to install a smart thermometer. Many of these devices are packed with learning technology, so it knows when you’re usually home and what temperatures you like it to be when you’re there. Many options also boast voice control that links with the smart speakers we discussed earlier, so you can see how all of these different devices can create a great home environment for us.

Smart vacuum cleaners and mops

Whilst we are all spending much more time at home, that doesn’t mean that we have the time to continually keep our floors clean with all of that extra use that they’re getting. That’s why many manufacturers having started to introduce robot vacuum cleaners and mops that also link with smart speakers, or can be scheduled to keep your floors clean while you’re working from home.

Smart health and fitness

With the closure of gyms, guidance to keep apart and not mix with other households and, in some cases, members of our family or friends being told to shield altogether, our mental and physical health and wellbeing has been impacted. With this in mind, some great smart health and fitness kits have been released to keep us on track. From smart scales that connect with your phone to gadgets that monitor your sleep or heart rate, there are so many options out there to keep us motivated to stay healthy. Many of us might not have the space or budget for exercise equipment or monthly subscriptions, so it’s worth checking out smart watches and activity trackers to keep your BMI in check and ensure you release those good endorphins.

Our homes have fast become our sanctuaries and the technology around us is having to move faster than ever before to not only keep us entertained, but help us stay in touch with our loved ones and promote a balanced lifestyle. Many of us are finding that we now do almost all of our daily activities within our homes, from shopping for groceries, to exercising, meditating, socialising and working – so why not make our homes work for us too.

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