Films in 2021
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In these uncertain times, many people have been considering installing a home cinema. Many have seen it as a way to enjoy not just new films, but their all time classics with their family without needing to venture out of the house and reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

More and more of us are receiving the vaccine and, depending on what risk category you fall into, you may have already had yours or have been invited to book in. It is, however, still uncertain how things will progress with the staged lifting of restrictions across the UK and the world. 21 June is the earliest ‘point of no return’ according to BoJo, but this of course is dependent on how the earlier phases go. We could be able to take a trip to the cinema again from 17 May, if all goes well.

But what if that doesn’t happen? There are some great films planned for release in 2021 and many of us would love to share those moments with our family and friends. To name but a few:

Mortal Kombat

Godzilla vs. Kong

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Thunder Force

Willy’s Wonderland


The Suicide Squad

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Plus many, many more!

Having a cinema at home could ensure that you get to enjoy all of these and more while reducing the risk of the wider spread of the virus.

Home cinemas are specified to your specific room, taste, design and desires, all while achieving the best possible viewing experience with immersive sounds to make your hairs stand on end and really feel part of the film! We’ll bet that you’ve never experienced anything like it than in your very own home cinema!

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