Control who enters your property with a secure gate and intercom

Keep track of exactly who is on your property with a DPP Smart Home and Electrical installation of the latest security systems.

Intercoms and gate systems
Intercoms and gate automation

Automated gate and intercom systems are an excellent way of controlling who can enter your property.   You can even have number plate recognition and coded entry systems to keep the process seamless for family members and regular visitors. DPP install the latest technology from brands such as CDVI and FAAC, providing video intercom systems that allow access via automated gates and barriers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy will it be to open my gates when I’m approaching in my car?

It’s entirely up to you. You can either hit a button on a remote fob, or we can install a number print recognition camera or geofence you mobile phone so the gates open automatically.

I already have a gate, but it isn’t automatic. Can you make it automatic?

Yes! We can retro-fit technology to existing gates and barriers to make it easier for you to provide access to your family and friends from the comfort of your own home.